Ty and Nora’s EnerChiWellness.com Podcast

Episode81: Jumpers: Interview with Tony P

May 15, 2021

Ty interviews  Tony Pantalleresco about "Jumpers" and a lot more. 2.5 hours. 

1. Concept of injectables jumping from the jabbed to the un-jabbed(jumpers). What it is and what its not.

2. What techniques(and tools)  can the un-jabbed use to protect themselves.

3. Supplements to protect DNA.

4. Things that don't work.

5. And a whole range of other subjects discussed. 


Breathe clean portable ionizers...The one tony uses: https://www.stayfreshcanada.com/products/breathe-clean-personal-air-purifier


The ones Ty/Nora uses: 

Wein AS300 Personal Air Purifier - Rechargeable https://weinproducts.com/products/air-supply-rechargeable-as-300r-personal-ionic-air-purifier . You can find on Ebay as well. 

Note: we have no gain or investment in these companies. 

Tony Video channel.  The last two vids have demonstrations of the tech to make. 2 other Ionizers to look consider are listed in the show descriptions as well. 


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